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“The only journal you’ll ever need”

Improve the quality of your life

Everything you do matters

The Wiser Journal?

Whatever well-being means to you, let's get into it, let's make it happen. and let's do it well. 

Each volume of The Wiser Journal is a 16 week journey of deliberate actions and self-enquiry all directing you daily towards well-being and wisdom.

By engaging with and reflecting upon your daily experience, knowledge and good judgements positive growth will feel like a thing actually happening to you.

Look inside
The Well-Being Wheel

The Well-Being Wheel

At the beginning of each volume

you spend some time defining

what well-being personally looks like in your life. From this you'll

outline some goals and 


The well-being wheel is a fun and insightful way to illustrate

your current condition and help you to further define your daily focus, goals and actions

At the end of The Wiser Journal you will revisit the Well-Being Wheel and chart your progress to see if you're rolling a bit more smoothly through life and maybe give you some ideas of what next to focus on in the next volume.


Daily Journaling

These pages form the back bone of The Wiser Journal. It's the blank canvas on which you paint the picture of your day.

The Morning Journal puts your mind in gear and energy in your purpose. Here it's all about gratitude, goals/plans/to dos and the reasons why.

The Evening Journal is a chance to reflect on what went well and what went not so well during the day, whilst deciding what you'll

do better tomorrow.

Morning and Evening journal
Weekly Review and FIX

Weekly Review and FIX

Each journaling week ends with the chance to look at the things which stood out for you.


What went well?

What went not so well?

What are the obstacles?

What are the solutions?

What are the new goals? 

Contemplations and Inspirations

Sprinkled through The Wiser Journal are contemplation points that highlight important basics when it comes to well-being, being well, doing you and doing human.

Inspiration and contemplation

What Else?

The Wiser Journal is so much more than just a daily journal. There is so much more going on inside. Here's a list of what else goes on:

  • The Well-Being Wheel

  • Ante-Mortem

  • Lifescaping

  • Making it Happen

  • Resolution Statement

  • Goals

  • Obstacles, Solutions and Yet More Goals

  • Contemplations on Gratitude, Resolutions, Goals, Why, Reflections and Forecasts.

  • Some Questions on Sleep, Exercise, Diet and Meaningful Connections

  • The Well-Being Wheel Review

  • Self-Awareness Vocabulary

  • Revelations

The Wiser Journal

When it comes to the quality of your life everything you do matters.

The Wiser Journal is your companion on that active journey towards your health, wealth and wisdom.

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